Landco, S.A. is a Luxembourg-based cleantech company specializing in biogas plants and treatment of the waste that they generate. Landco has collaboration agreements with the leading European biogas engineering companies and joint research and development projects with two Luxembourg national research centres.

Landco has developed a module for economically viable biogas plant effluent treatment.
AgroBioTech Ltd., is Landco’s subsidiary in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. AgroBioTech provides turnkey biogas plants using reliable and proven technologies, including those developed by Landco. Low costs and hence return on investment for clients and investors are ensured by reducing the number of fragile, complex parts to a minimum and relying on quality, low-maintenance parts. AgroBioTech is in possession of Russian federal licenses for biogas plant engineering and construction and has set up its own laboratory, warehouse and workshop facilities in St. Petersburg.





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