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20.12.2014    Successful tests of on site digestate processing
            From  10.11.2014   to  15.11.2014 the company performed digestate processing
            tests with mobile Landco Module in Finland at:


                                  BioKymppi Oy     Puhoksentie 15      82500 KITEE



                                  Pick up of the mobile Landco Module @ Helsinki Harbour

                                                The BioKymppi  biogas installation

                                    Scheme of the bioKymppi  biogas installation

                                                        Arrival at the plant

                                            Installing the mobile Landco Module

                                    Setting up  the mobile Landco Module

                    The  mobile Landco Module is running and processing digestate

                                                                    Process is on

                                                Inside the mobile Landco Module

                                                            Output of clean water

                    The clean water is tested by Landco staff as proof of quality!

                                                    A happy Finnish customer

                                10 mg/l Ammonium (NH4+)  Operation successful

                                                            Our field laboratory