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Landco – From waste to energy 


Our technology generates heat and electric energy.

Pure potable water

Purifies the water from all viruses and bacteria.


Produces quality bio-fertilisers that protect living organisms.

The main features

of LANDCO technology

LANDCO technology is a profitable solution for recycling organic waste and wastewater to generate energy, fertilisers and clean water.

The main advantages of LANDCO technology:

  • Staging and reduction of waste decomposition cycle times, volume and cost of bioreactors, low capital and operating costs.
  • Possibility of efficient work on sewage with a moisture content of 98-99% of food industry enterprises with a volume of several thousand cubic meters per day
  • Ability to work on sludge, poultry droppings and other types of waste that are technically difficult to process in pure form
  • Heavy metals pass into forms that cannot be assimilated by living organisms, mainly into the components of fertilizers
  • Producing pure water through double-barrier polymeric membrane made of hollow fibers with multiple successful application experience, porosity of 8 nm – an effective barrier against all viruses and bacteria

The LANDCO module is an innovative membrane technology with proven wastewater treatment solutions.

LANDCO’s patented process separates fermentation residues

from biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants cost-effectively into the following components:

  • Non-decomposed organic solids in the bioreactor
  • Minerals (NPK fertilizers)
  • Pure water (mineralization less than 10 mg per liter)

In the process of treatment in the LANDCO module, wastewater is completely freed from organic and mineral loads, especially ammonium, and can be used for technological needs, sent to the sewer or discharged into water bodies.

The LANDCO module has been successfully tested on waste water from agricultural enterprises, waste treatment plants, and food industry.

Patented wastewater treatment system – LANDCO module

is based on the technology that ensures the extraction of mineral elements, the retention of organic matter, including viruses and bacteria, and the purification of effluents to the quality of water with a mineralization of less than 10 mg / l.

In addition to treating contaminated wastewater, a key component of the LANDCO module , the ultrafiltration unit, is a versatile containerized solution for treating ground and surface water to drinking water quality using high quality membranes.

The key component of the LANDCO module - the ultrafiltration unit.

The ultrafiltration unit in LANDCO module

is a versatile containerized solution for treating ground and surface water to drinking water quality.

Mobile, easy-to-install stand-alone units to quickly obtain large volumes of drinking water are ideal for use in harsh environments, such as disaster areas, military needs, water supply to remote and autonomous sites.

Ultrafiltered drinking water reduces the risk of epidemics and requirements for the prophylactic use of antibiotics.

The ultrafiltration unit is used in all areas where the highest requirements for clean process water are required: for example, the food industry, desalination systems.